State Standards

Click 在这里 for the History and Social Science Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework for 2015.  The 2015 SOL added skills to be emphasized K-12.  These include using economic reasoning to make informed decisions (Skill 1.h).  Information on how to apply this skill can be found 在这里. 

national 标准s:

K-12 National Standards for Financial Literacy
K-12 Voluntary National Content Standards in 经济学


Written by VCDragons ColoringBookEE to accompany Dragons Decide: A Free Enterprise Coloring Book, K-3 teachers this Teacher’s Guide (lesson plans) covers most of the economics related concepts in Virginia’s Social Science SOL for grades K-3.

Color the 经济学omic Concepts
Color the 经济学 Concepts posters are available, 点击这里 for more information.

Literature 经济学 Math Connections – A list of 21 children’s books (K-3) that reinforce Virginia’s K-3 Mathematics SOL and economics concepts in Social Science SOL. Compiled by GMU and JMU Centers for 经济学omic Education.
Online 经济学 Lessons for 小学 Grades – Identified by JMU Center for 经济学omic Education
世界杯押注软件 经济学omic Educator Award Winners – with lesson plans

econedlink-logo经济学 – online lessons, videos, interactives and current event connections – online lessons, videos and interactives developed by the Federal Reserve System for teachers

经济学Ed评论  search for lessons by economic concept, 主题, 年级水平, 标准, quality and/or sponsoring organization

Reconsidering Wants and Needs, by Suzanne Gallagher and Shannon Hodges.

Professional Development for Teachers: 研讨会Professional Development & Certification

Curriculum 世界杯押注软件: Color the Concepts, Reading Makes Cent$, State Standards & 世界杯押注软件

项目 for Students and TeachersMini-经济学omy, Stock Market GameTM, 经济学omic Educator Awards